Madelyn (madelynmarie) wrote,

Last night, while Madelyn was laying in her bed, I heard her singing her "Hello Song" from school.  She sang, "It's good to see Olivia here... It's good to see Lily here... It's good to see Kendra here... It's good to see Carter here... I'm so glad you are here."  But then she ran out of friends to sing about, so she started singing about random objects in her room.  "It's good to see Blankie here... It's good to see Wally here... It's good to see Gatey here... I'm so glad you are here..."  :)

Something weird though.... she made this picture at school today and didn't have room to write her name on it, so she wrote it backwards trying to squeeze it in.  It was really bizarre.  It was like a mirrored version of her name, starting with a backwards n back to a backwards m.  I think the only letter she didn't reverse was the e.  (So like the a was more like a b with a shorter line, and the d was a b...)  Very odd.

Carter misses his mommy when I'm gone for the entire first half of the week.  I basically don't see them from Sunday night through Wednesday night.  I see them briefly and get to put them to bed on Monday and Wednesday but that's about it.  Carter was wrapping my arms around him tonight... patting me and kissing me all over.  He stood behind me on the couch, wrapped his arms around my neck and said, "I love you mommy."  I believe that was his first completely unprompted "I love you" to me.

In other news, I'm an idiot... our new car has another new dent.  I absolutely suck at life some days.  Josh was so sweet though.  It was totally, 1000% my fault but he was like, "Mel you just have so much you are trying to do!  You do 100 things each morning.  You do too much... I can do some of this stuff you know..."  And he is right... I always have a to-do list that is a mile long and I'm always doing 12 things at once.  I need to slow down and take a breather ever now and then.  I'm really looking forward to pilates tomorrow for that opportunity.  Oh and also the season premier of The Office.  :)

We've had a pretty crummy week around here.  Hopefully it ends well... of course I thought things were going to start looking up today until about 8:45 this morning. :o/ 


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